Partnering with Proovia 
In response to seller feedback regarding delivery support, we're running a delivery pilot with established courier company Proovia.

The Proovia promise

  • collection in 48h
  • delivery in less than 7 days (Mon-Sat)
  • premium support 7 days a week, response in under 3h
  • deliveries will automatically be booked by Vinterior - the seller doesn’t have to do anything.
  • fixed delivery prices per size as per our delivery grid - competitive rates for medium, large, and extra-large items
  • Prices:  Medium: £50 Large: £60 Extra Large: £80

The process

  • You confirm the order and decide whether you would like Proovia to process it for you
  • We will arrange everything for you and pay Proovia on your behalf - the commission will stay as it is
  • Please note that you will be charged any difference in cost to use Vinterior's UK delivery service via Proovia if you had a pre-sale delivery price lower than Proovia's. The buyer's delivery cost will remain the same. 


Do I need to update my delivery prices?  

No, but we suggest updating them to the same if you plan to use Proovia.

What happens when I sell one of my pieces?

Proovia will be notified of the order by Vinterior and will arrange collection from you and delivery to the buyer, and an email confirmation will be sent to both you and the customer.

Will the order be tracked?

Yes, you will receive a tracking number that will automatically be updated. It will also be shared with the buyer.

As a seller, who do I need to contact if I need support with a delivery job?

Proovia will answer all your delivery questions and +44 121 314 2780

Payment and cancellation questions should go to Vinterior as it is now.

The buyer got in touch with questions regarding the delivery - Who shall I contact?

Proovia will always be able to better assist you as they can provide live updates. You can also direct the buyer to directly get in touch with Proovia

How do payments work?

Delivery payments will be handled between Vinterior and Proovia

I want to provide feedback - How can I do it?

Your feedback is very important for the success of the partnership. Please send it to

How to raise a claim for damage in transit? Should the buyer or seller do it?

Vinterior will raise it on buyers’ behalf as long as we are informed about it.

How damage claims will be reviewed by Proovia? 

Proovia will check the packaging at the collection stage and take a picture as proof. As a seller, we recommend you pack well and protect the item. Proovia commits to being extra careful with Vinterior’s seller's items.

Proovia will take a second picture before the final delivery to the buyer. In case of damage or disputes, these images will be used as proof and protection for our sellers.

Can I send multiple items in bundles via Proovia?
Proovia offer very competitive rates for the delivery of multiple items: 

BundleOriginal PriceBundle Price
2x Medium£100£75
2x Large£120£95
2x Extra Large£160£125
1x Medium + 1x Large£110£85
1x Medium + 1x Extra-Large£130£105
1x Large + 1x Extra-Large£140£110