Are you having any of the following issues?

  • Getting in touch with a customer for the delivery.

  • The customer refuses to cooperate on a dispute.

  • Payment is owed to you from the customer.

  • Your item was returned to you, but it was damaged.

  • You believe there was malpractice on behalf of the customer.

How to handle buyer issues:

  • Try and leave as much written information as possible: the buyer can read it in their own time and has the opportunity to register what you say. This is also useful for evidence should it escalate

  • The quicker the response, the better: this shows the buyer that you are treating their order as a priority, and that you see it as important. 

  • If you can’t fix the issue quickly, dates and figures are just as useful: saying you can find a conclusion by a certain date and time can often ease the tension in the short term.

  • Think from the buyer’s perspective: we often forget to see the other person’s point of view when it comes to escalations. 

  • Remember, your items are valuable, unique, and often rare. Buyers are often very excited to receive their item, so if you receive any angry tones from them, it is often a disappointment. 

  • Buyers can be challenging, keep calm. If their experience has been a disappointment so far, they will find any further evidence to support that.

Vinterior Tips:  

  • While we expect our sellers to handle these cases with the best professionalism, and to keep lengthy disputes at minimum, you are welcome to email for help on disputes.
  • We have a small team dedicated to investigating your case, and to help find an amicable solution for both parties involved.
  • 90% of cases can be easily resolved with a middleman, especially if there was some miscommunication or misunderstanding.