We have a function on our messaging system that allows you to send image files to potential buyers during any conversation on the site.

Upload an image file on the conversation:

  1. Log in to your Vinterior account.
  2. Go to My Dashboard
  3. Go to My Sales and click on the relevant order.
  4. Go to my Inbox and click on the relevant thread
  5. Click "Contact Buyer" or "See Thread"
  6. Attach the photographs with the ‘Choose File” button next to the “Send” button directly on the Vinterior platform via the conversation. 
  7. Please do not send them via email via the automated notification you will receive for any messages.

When the buyer replies, it will leave a thread so you can come back to it for reference. You should also be notified via an automated Vinterior email when the buyer gets in touch

Upload additional images to your listing:

You can add all additional product images to your listing page at any time, which other buyers will be able to see:

  • Go to your My Listings page
  • Click Edit to amend an existing listing
  • Save


Please do not share any private information (your personal website, email address, phone number...)