The commission is charged on the item price only. Vinterior will send out a sales receipt that includes a payment and commission breakdown. We are happy to say that we do not charge a monthly fee, or any additional fees for our Listing Creation service.

17% commission on the part of the item price up to and equal £2500

This will only be charged on the item price, and only on the part of the item price up to £2500.

10% commission on the part of the item price over £2500

We understand that a flat commission rate can be a hurdle for negotiating sales on high-value items, so we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. We charge 10% commission the part of the item price over £2500 to 10%.

For example:  If an item is listed for £6000, you would pay 17% commission on the first £2500 of the item price, but only 10% commission on the remaining £3500 of the item price.

Payment processing fee

There is a 2% payment processing fee per item. This is based on the item price and delivery price charged to the buyer, and is only  charged on amounts up to £500 per item, meaning you never pay more than £10 per item.

Vinterior Tip:

Please note that we will deduct your commission and VAT from your order. If you are VAT registered make sure to let us know so we can adjust charges accordingly!