As a protective measure for sellers, Vinterior ask that the item is received before issuing a refund to buyers. When you receive the item ⇒ please let Vinterior know via email or on the order conversation within 24 hours.

This will ensure that the customer can be refunded swiftly, and has a good return experience on Vinterior. 

Settling the refund:

  1. I was paid for this order
    The refund will be issued to the buyer, and you will be invoiced accordingly. We trust you to send the funds as soon as the invoice is received.

  2. I was not paid for the order but I am owed the original delivery fee

The original delivery fee will be issued on your next payout. Should you have any issue, please contact our Payments Team:

Does the Vinterior commission apply to cancelled or returned sales?

No, Vinterior will not process any commission fees on cancelled or returned orders. If the payment was already sent, Vinterior will send you an invoice and ask you to return the payment.