The Seller Payments page is designed to bring clarity and transparency to your Vinterior payouts.  Being able to understand your Vinterior payouts is very important for your accounting. This article explains the functions available on this page. For a more detailed explanation, please watch the video below.

Information available in the main view:

Total amounts view:

These amounts are the total of all upcoming transactions, excluding our commission and VAT (if applicable).

  • Upcoming Credit: the total amount that Vinterior will be paying you.
  • Pending Debit: the total amount that you owe Vinterior.

Order information: key information to reconcile your payouts with your Vinterior sales. Order date, reference number, listing title, Vinterior SKU number, and your product reference.

Payment Status:

  • Complete: this will show when the payment has been made.
  • Pending: this will show when the payment still has to be made.

Payment date:

  • The date Vinterior transferred the funds to your Stripe Connect account. Please allow up to 3 business days for the payout to reach your bank account from the payment date shown.

Payout Type:

  • Credit: represents the payouts that Vinterior will be making to you. These can be linked to a sale you completed or refunds of delivery fees for returns.
  • Debit: represents the funds that you owe Vinterior. These can be linked to refunds for overpayments, a return, or the commission of a sale made outside of Vinterior.

Main features:

Search bar

  • Find the payment you are looking for using the listing's title, Vinterior SKU number, or your own product reference.

Filter Function

  • Date and time period: filter payments by a given date or time frame, such as payments from a specific month.
  • Type of Payment: filter payments via type, either credit or debit.
  • Status: filter payments via status, either completed or pending.

Export to CSV

  • All payments: this downloads all the payments you have pending or completed with Vinterior.
  • Filtered payments: this downloads the current list of payments you have filtered using the filter button.

Dropdown Function for each transaction:

  • Item price and delivery charge: view the final selling price and delivery charge for each order.
  • Commission and VAT on commission: view the commission taken for each order and the VAT charge that is applicable to our commission.
  • Payment method: view the payment method for each payout. You will either be paid via Stripe Connect if you are in a supported country, or via bank transfer. For more information, please refer to this article.
  • Information on debits: this function provides you clarity on the funds that were deducted from your payments.
    • Amount and Reason: view the amount that was deducted from your payments and the reason for this debit.
    • Method: view whether the debit was made via Stripe Connect or whether this was settled via bank transfer.
    • Date: view the date the debit took place. If you did not have enough credit in your account, the deduction can be broken down and deducted from different payments. You will be able to see the dates when these deductions were made from your payouts.