As of March 2024, we’re introducing a top seller scheme to celebrate and reward our top-performing sellers who provide a great customer experience on Vinterior. This program aims to encourage all of our seller community to aim high and achieve the seller excellence needed to reach top seller status. 

How it works

At the start of each month, we evaluate your performance based on the previous 12 months. Sellers who meet our requirements have top seller status for the month ahead.


Top sellers are professional sellers who regularly sell on the platform and have achieved the following:

  • Fast responses to customers
  • Low percentage of seller-fault cancellations and returns
  • High activity on Vinterior

Please note that these requirements are not set and may be altered at a later date.

Benefits of being a top seller

  • Top seller badge: A badge on seller storefronts and listing pages, letting customers know how great you are.
  • Boosted listings: Prioritised product ranking at the top of pages thanks to an extra boost in our algorithm.
  • More visibility: Listings added to a new top seller showcase for the month, highlighted on our homepage.
  • Prize draws: Automatically entered into a prize draw at the end of the month to win 0% commission.

If you have any questions about our top seller scheme on Vinterior, please reach out to We believe any seller has the potential to become a top seller on Vinterior, so keep up the good work, and we’re sure we’ll see a badge on your storefront in no time.