Until an item is dispatched, buyers can cancel and get a full refund automatically.

Once you mark the item as dispatch:

  • Buyers can no longer cancel an item.
  • Buyers have to request a return (and pay the delivery charge if it is a change of mind).

Vinterior Tip: All buyers are entitled to cancel their items with the exception of items that are personalised, bespoke or made-to-order to the customer’s specific requirements.

If you did not update the dispatch status: 

You would have to organise and pay for the return delivery of the item, as the buyer followed the correct procedure offered on Vinterior.

prevent this from happening:

Ensure that you update each sale as soon as possible via your My Sales pageThis will remove the cancellation option for the buyer, and will instead trigger a return request, where they will be unable to recoup non-refundable delivery fees.

Dispatching the item after updating the order status:

As you followed the correct procedure for updating the order status, the buyer would be responsible for paying and organising the return delivery. 

This is because they would have been notified via email that you dispatched, but they chose to cancel the order anyway.

Vinterior Tips:

  • You can start making delivery arrangements as soon as your sale is confirmed, but we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before dispatching a sold item. 

This time allows the buyer to review the delivery price and if the quoted cost is too high or comes as a surprise, they are able to cancel before dispatch.