Data shows that sellers with low cancellation rates are more successful on Vinterior. So, by reducing your cancellation rate you'll increase your sales potential.

Low cancellation rates also enhance customer trust in your business, therefore encouraging buyers to return to you for future purchases.

What is a cancellation rate?  

A cancellation rate is the percentage of orders that are not completed due to being cancelled by the seller.

Fun fact - Our top 200 highest-earning sellers on Vinterior have a cancellation rate below 10%.

Top cancellation reasons

The most common cancellation reasons on Vinterior are:

  • The item is no longer for sale
  • The order was not confirmed within 72 hours

How to reduce cancellations:  

1. Keep your inventory up-to-date

Make sure you're avoiding any unnecessary order cancellations by frequently checking that everything on your storefront is still available. We recommend spending 5 minutes a day reviewing your inventory here.

2. Mark items as sold straight away

Sold something on your website or another selling platform? Don't delay; mark it as sold on Vinterior as soon as possible. This prevents potential buyers from placing orders for unavailable items.

3. Confirm orders as soon as possible

Confirm your order within 72 hours to avoid it being auto-cancelled here. We recommend responding to customers within 6 hours to ensure a positive buyer experience.

Auto-mark-as-sold tool:

At Vinterior, we also offer an automatic auto-mark-as-sold tool which runs once a week. 

How it works:

  • Once a week we check any listings uploaded via our URL tool from your website, Etsy, eBay, 1st dibs, or any other website.
  • If the listing is no longer live on its original URL source, then we mark it as sold for you on Vinterior.

This tool only works for listings that have been uploaded via our URL tool, which you can learn more about here.

Don't want us to mark items as sold for you?

No problem, just email and we can remove you.

Please note:

Our auto-mark as sold tool is not a replacement for keeping your inventory up-to-date, but a backup to help support you in doing so.

We still expect our sellers to frequently review their inventory and mark items sold elsewhere as sold on Vinterior as soon as possible.