Are you struggling to get in touch with the buyer on your enquiry, delivery quote request or order? Do you need them to respond before you can organise delivery? Here are some steps you can take to ensure you receive a reply from the buyer:

  1. Leave messages on any thread on Vinterior that you have with the buyer, whether it is pre-sale or post-sale. 

  2. Leave a deadline for a response, normally within 24-48 hours. Please use a kind tone and explain why you cannot wait longer.

  3. On the order, you will receive the contact details of the buyer. Call, voicemail and text the buyer.

  4. If you are still struggling to get in touch with the buyer, contact info@vinterior.coIt is often the case where there is a typo with the phone number or email address, and we can investigate this further for you.

Vinterior Note:

 In extreme circumstances, we will provide an ultimatum to the buyer to respond by the end of the week and then cancel the order. As long as the written evidence is provided to the buyer that an attempt to reach out was made, then this suffices.