This article will explain how the Make an offer tab on your dashboard works. It will be split into the 3 following sections:

  • How does this page work?
  • What do the different columns and actions mean?
  • What happens once an offer is sent?
  • Video explanation of this tool 

Please click here to access this page on your account.

How does it work?

Once a buyer adds an item to their cart, this item will appear on the Make an Offer tab on your dashboard. You will then be able to make this particular buyer a private offer that will only be visible to them.

Please note that the item will only appear on this tab 24 hours after the buyer has added the item to their basket. There is a 24-hour lapse so that the buyer can purchase the item at the listed price.

For your offers, you can select the discount you would like to offer and define the time period for which this offer is valid.

Discounts: discounts are offered as a percentage of the item price and range from 5% to 50% from the dropdown menu which is available. There is an increment of 5% between each percentage discount that can be offered.

Time period: offers can be valid for 1, 5 or 10 days, depending on what you decide. This can also be selected from the dropdown menu.

Guest and non-guest: you can only make an offer to buyers that have an account on Vinterior. 

Note: there can be a small discrepancy in the numbers that you see on your Analytics and Make an offer pageFor example, an item might appear as being in someone's basket, but since the buyer does not have an account on Vinterior, the item will not appear on your Make an offer page. 

What do the different columns and actions mean?

Buyer price: this is the specific price the buyer sees on their account. Once you have made the offer, the discounted price will be visible.

  • Trade prices: if the buyer is a trade buyer, then the trade price will be displayed

  • Sale prices: if the item is already in a sale, then the sale price of the item will be displayed.

Please note that the discount will be applied to the prices that are shown on the “Buyer price” column.


  • Send offer: when a buyer adds an item to their cart, this item will appear on this page after 24 hours. In the “Status” column, you will see the “Send Offer” button.

  • Offered: after you make the buyer an offer, the status of this item will be changed to “Offered”. The percentage discount offered, will also be visible.

  • Expired: if an offer was made but the buyer did not purchase the item, the status will be changed to expired. In brackets, you will see the percentage discount that was offered.

What happens once the offer is sent?

After an offer is made, the buyer will receive an email notifying them that you have made them a private offer. They will be able to see the discount you are offering them as well as for how long the offer is valid. The buyer can then add this item to their cart and proceed to the checkout section on the site. 

This is also an opportunity for the buyer to start a conversation with you, which increases the chances of the sale going through. 

For more information on the order confirmation process, please refer to this article: How do I confirm my sales?

Video Explanation: